Tv show Roasted!!!!

A nice, quiet and soft week with nothing heavy on the schedule turned in to hell...
Hi there, hope U are fine.. Iīm not oki and I tell u why:

Many weeks ago my manager called me up and asked me if I wanted to participate in a new tv show from the us called roasted, in swedish Grillad..I talked to the guys doing the show and they convinced me that the show was very familiar and not mean but with some edgy jokes.. I said very clearly that Iīm in if they managed to bring my nearest friends and colleagues in the show, those are very important for the show in my opinion.. and as time went by I discovered that they almost didnt convice anyone to be in the show, only 2 of them.. finally the red flag came up last monday when these 2 of my dearest friends and family called me up and said that they have recived the manuscript of what they were expected to say and they told me that it wasnt funny, just mean.. so I decided to jump off the project.. I admit rather late but still 8 days before could have been 8 hours.. but unfortunately it was the same evening as we were supposed to shoot a short and easy trailer for the show..but since I declared that I wont take part in the show i presumed that they would call their own tv crew and tell them I wasnt going to be there at 20.00 .. aproximately 2 hours later.. so far allīs fine.. offcourse the producer went angry with me for pulling out but I was also angry cuz they were not fair with me..


Bomb nr 1; then for the first time he tells me that the little tv crew that were supposed to shoot the "small" trailer were 10 camera guys and girls and about 10 comedians, rented jets and stuff waiting in a freezing hangar

Bomb nr 2, They donīt call the tv crew and the comedians to tell them I wasnt coming.. so they stand there freezing their butts off waiting for me.. getting more pissed at me by the minute..

If the producer went scared telling the guys that I wasnt going to be there or if he wanted all the freezing blame to fall on me, I will never know.. I just think it sux to know that aproximalety 20 people or more thinks Im some kinda schmuck not showing up when the truth is that i anounced at least one and a half hour before the shooting that I didnt wanna do the trailer since I didnt want to be in the show...

And I feel bad cuz I donīt think these guys and girls are reading my little homepage and I donīt have their mailadresses to tell them the truth.. I dont even know their names or who they are.. I have done some fxxk ups thrue the years and I use to appologize when its my fault.. but what to do when itīs not???

I donīt regret for one second pulling out of the project but I feel bad when people been freezing and waiting for me and I didnt even know about it until it was too late...I think the show can be great with the right guest and I wish them all the best...

but this week is no fun, no fun at all..


(tonight Iīve been to the cinema watching Valkyria, a perfect film for my mood, even though it wasnt very exciting since we all know that the man with the mustach survived and lived way too long)
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