Hello dear webreader!

Hope that u are splendid this snowy white sunday..
Im good. Ive had a terrific weekend.. little slow yesterday but the friday was great.. My dear friend Calle had some extra tickets to AC/DC in the globe in sthlm.. so were a bunch of good friends eating dinner and watching the concert ..a great show.. those guys are old idols of mine and it´s wonderful to see angus young the leadguitarrist laying on the floor and spinning around while playing a legendary solo ..he is soon to be 55 years so it makes me feel young hehe and then we had a great evening out clubhopping..my dear sister thinks that Im drinking too many lättöls on the photos here on the www.e-type.se so I won´t show that.. but yesterday i didnt feel that young.. but today ive been good and working in the studio again.. Ive really missed it.. but tonight its time for the sunday steak again..thx again Calle and many hugs to all, and see u soon here?

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