Hope ur good..
Im good.. or Goo..uuud as the cookie crumbles.. Its been a nice day.. the electrician ? has been here so now I have some light in the bathroom.. we have had it for like 100 years on the globe but now with months without it , it feels very luxurious to acctually see in there.. and Ive been working half the day in the studio really fun.. a hardcore disko song..but Ive promised my neighbours not to play loud after 2100 so now I have to give up.. wich sux but they are very friendly and nice so Ill keep the promise.. but I long to continue with the song.. and thats about 2 years since I had that feeling, u know when just everything just disapear and the only thing that excist is that song or what ever u work with..

But I have to tell u, the memories and pictures and faces in my head from Irelands dog pounds really haunt me still..brr.. but soon the ones we booked will start to land in sweden..that is a drop in the ocean but still a good feeling and a big step for them.. but today we talked about trying to build a new big rescuehome on Ireland for the dogs..that was very exciting..the solution to the problem is not to evacuate the dogs from the island cuz it never ends..but to start helping people to castrate the dogs will make a different in the long run.. that will help many more dogs than if I would take 10 home..cuz then i cant work and than i cant pay for anything in 2 years.. hmm..this is the first pound we visited when we arrived to Ireland 2 weeks ago.. the managers name is maggan and she was a very sweet old lady.. http://www.dogsaid.ie/adoptable-dogs?start=20

so.. yes today i met Markoolio at a photo shoot for the Diggelootour wich I will participate i think 3 gigs in the summer.. he is a very nice guy, but he was still a little sad from last weekend when he didnt make it to the final in the schlagermelodifestival in sweden.. i tried to cheer him up the best i could..

but why is it that u long for a pizza and when u finally have eaten one..u feel like u never wanna see one again.. with that question I leave you to throw away an hour at Chris Ryans elitpolis at discovery.. hugs to all..almost

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