Finally back in the civilisation..
What a journey.. top ten the most beautiful and the scariest surroundings I have ever seen in my life..the friendliest and most evil people I have ever met.. Ireland is a mystery.. but all the hotels and resturants and culture places we´ve seen and visited today, people are just awesome.. but the dogpounds and rescue centers are like taken from "The scariest horror picture" ever seen... I think I bought 5 dogs today.. I don´t show the pic´s here cuz that would reduce my Dear viewers on this page with 98%.. I will show them later but only of dogs that I have bought..so u know these guys have a great future.. hrmm..I´m a confused man this very evening.. having a lättöl in the bar..

But a fun story, they filmed "Braveheart" on the fields that we visited today, close to Drugheda, north of dublin, and we met a friend that acctually were there participating in the film as an extra actor as a warrior.. and I love this story .. but he was really fighting hard in the movie but he decided to die very dramatically way too early in the scene..so lying there "stabbed by a broadsword" he come to think of that he wanted to be in the movie some more ..so he went up "from the dead" and started to fight again.. this is not funny until u see the acctual clip in the movie.. one guy is going down very hard among thousands and after 7 seconds he is getting up again and continue to fight.. hehe.. well that was a sidestory..

we are back in Dublin at the hotel and we´re leaving tomorrow morning.. for surich..wich sux but no plane go directly home, but from there we´re going home to sweden... but what a countryside.. just the most beautiful green neverending fields.. so this country is really sumthing to think about.. escpecially for the men and women leading the state of ireland.. remember that ireland is part of the EU..

hugs from me

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