Hi again..

Now I feel much better and ..
will do some serious rockin´tonight.. the stage is a big nice one and the sound is fat.. very good.. so I just checked in to the hotel but since Im some kind of secret guest artist Im not allowed to stroll around .. so micro pie at the room is my fridaydinner.. but its cool.. do u remember Harpo? he plays at the venue tonite, together with pernilla whalgren and Petter and little me.. so these guys really likes music ..that we like alot.. typically me but I don´t know what company it is yet.. but it doesnt matter cuz we give the Iron anyhow.. so time for me to jump in to the...nope.. no tub.. hmm.. only shower.. well well whats a ball at the castle? And poor Johan bandleader have a terrible toothache today and we really hope it won´t get any worse.. I feel sorry for him.. but maybe some lättöl will cheer him up.. I know it will cheer me up.. the first lättöl in 15 days.. I don´t think that the guys in Rolling stones would be that impressed..

hugs so long

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