Hope uré fine this snowy friday..
I´m oki..still little tough and rubbery since my damned cold.. but getting better.. and tonight it won´t matter cuz tonight we have a big show in Örebro sweden. .I really look forward to it but I just hope Im more up to it later today.. Today i´ve created a checklist of all the things I need to have tonight.. I´ve ben working with this for uh..many years and its allways some little nasty important thing that I forget.. so now I have a checklist of all the items.. like an airoplane pilot..
and the evil white product from the sky keeps pouring down.. how I long for the spring.. and at the same time its above freezing temprature so it won´t stay.. just as long to aggravate me..hmm.. but yesterday I bought flying tickets to Ireland so I´ll leave sunday afternoon.. that´s exiting..I have never been there.. we will visit some of these dogpounds and some castles and whiskydestilleries for a few days.. but more of this later.. now it´s time for a walk with Vanda ..in the snow.brr

hugs from me

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