Hello dear Martin and Carin!

My name is Irina.
I'm from Russia, Stavropol region. Here in our region so many E-type's fans. We even have here small Fan Club. Martin, I want to say THANK you for your wonderful music and great talent. Your music always help me to survive when I had hard time in my life+that true! Im your fan since my childhood :). And I visited your great concert in Stavropol! I proud that I live in same century with great artist E-TYPE. Dear Martin, will you ever visit Stavropol again? So many people love your music here.

With love from Stavropol Irina & your Russian Fans!
P.S. Sorry for my bad English

Hi Irina and thx so much for your letter. Yeah I would love to go to Stavropol again..I think it was may 1997 I was there..hmm.. some years ago.. so its time again.. and donīt worry about the english.. you speak much better english than most englishmen speak russian ;-)

hugs and kisses from
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