Google Map Caught UFO?

Hi there, dear homepage reader. Denmark and England are opening their big secret Ufo archives to the public these days and in swedish newspapers some people think that some serious scientists should investigate the reports. Im not sure what to belive or not but I think it would be awsome if Ufos did exist. Thats my opinion. But some photos are exciting, or have been remade so they look very exciting.

Well, well. Today the sun is shining and I sweared(?) yesterday that I would get up around 8.00 to train..hmm..its almost 12.00.. yawn..I donīt know how it so can be but Iīm such a big fan of Superbowl..I think its extremely exciting and amusing to see those big warriors knock eachother down to gain some few yards back and forth on the an ancient war..but the show is very late here in sweden.. but train I will.. just some breakfast or lunch first.. hope that the sun is shining on u too.. many hugs from me..

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