Vanda is helping me get the chords right..extremly bored when her master is working..
Vanda is helping me get the chords right..extremly bored when her master is working..
How are u?
We´re good..much better..Just finished the first song in the new studio..feels great, not a new single but a good song.. and I see that roomservice managed to sneak in here for some classic advertisement..good job.. well, I must be the most boring artist these weeks.. nothing new at all..working in the studio, cooking food, walking the dog, writing songs..and that´s about it, I havnt even seen the city 4 2 weeks.. but next week its time to continue my bodybuilding..well visit the gym that is.. and next friday we have a big concert at a private company.. with the whole band.. that feels great, im really looking forward to it..offcourse its more fun with a public gig but this time of year those don´t grow on trees..hmm..swedish expression.. its funny but usually there is too much having gigs every weekend and then when its just 3 weeks without it really feels that something is missing..but yesterday was kinda hard to sit home the second weekend in a row.. I could almost feel the taste of a cold lättöl sparkling down my throat.. but next friday it will taste even better.. so nothing new here, no marriage, no kids so far and no new dog, even though I have contact with Ireland and heard that there is an old dog on its way up to sweden..possibly in my direction.. but You will be the first to know if anything changes or happen in my life..now I just wait for the traditional sundaysteak to get ready.. take care and many hugs to you this cold time of the year...

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