Bark, cough..hoast

Damn this little cold really got me.. I´ve just been home doing nothing..well been in the studio unpacking things and trying to get the hang of the technical things..that knowledge travells fast from the head when the interests is low..I love to be able to work fast with the right equipment but Im totally uninterested in how it´s built or what it can do more than I need.. shoddy is the word I believe.. And I took a trip to my dear throat doctor Urban and had a little laugh when I saw this truck.. offcourse no one got hurt but it looked funny.. like a big dog that use to live with me sometimes also thought he was a bit smaller than he was trying to fit in a armchair less than half his own size..

But Today I have been busy in the kitchen..I invited my friend Anna for some swedish speciality Ärtsoppa (peasoup) and pancakes.. damn it can be good if u eat it unfrequently.. it took like half the bucket learning how to swing ém but the last ones became round and thin.. well thats my boring life today.. and for you people longing to see The wrestler.. it was the most depressing film I´ve seen so far this year.. But Im a big fan of Mickey Rourke since I had the opportunity to have a lättöl with him in London some years ago.. very laidback and friendly.. and a dog lover ;-)

Stay healthy

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