Hi again..

Back home..
But for awhile after we landed in the cold icy Stockholm we sat in this little cute airoplane and fantasized that we just closed the door again and headed off to the sun somewhere.. but no can do.. tonight its a big party.. yes I promise tomorrow I will work the whole day.. but tonight its the Rockbjörnen(rockbear) in sthlm and me manager niklas and my lead guitarrist mackan will attend..damn my english is worse than ever, but Ive ben speaking german for 2 days ..and Im in a hurry.. and sweet agent south Carin just forced me to show this ..hmm..picture that I somehow accepted some years ago..hmm..like 10,,I remember that the photographer told me that he asked like 100 artists if they would do this picture and they all said NO.. At the time I felt cool being the only one saying YES .. the big newspaper Aftonbladet show this picture every year during the party and I cant figure out if its cool or if they mock me.. but done is done..Im still the only person having the guts standing there naked.. hehe.. so skål dear webreaders.. I apologize for the photo and hugs

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