Guten tag!

What just happened?
Just a few days ago I said that I usually don´t visit the great country of Germany very often and as if by magic I just landed in visit the largest Boat exhibition in Europe..hmm.. damn nice but a little bit strange.. now me and Marcus (that use to play keyboards and pyrotechnics in the old days) are sitting in the lounge at the hotell trying out the local beer.. we both are very fortunate to be close friend with another friend that just happened to have a couple of seats free in his little jet..sometimes life is fair..but I really needed to get away even for a short while..and this town really bring back some good memories.. like sharing bed(!) with Max Martin many years ago when we both were young and visited a big music event together with Denniz PoP.. since I didnt have a hotelroom Max offered me half his the true Cheiron spirit... I like this town..allways a adventure coming here.. soon we will go back to the boat exhibition by the airport but first some lunch.. I hope that u are good..

Umarmungen und Küsse

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