But little Vanda is not a big fan of me playing drums..she seems to hate the sound and hide under a blanket when i play..
But little Vanda is not a big fan of me playing drums..she seems to hate the sound and hide under a blanket when i play..
How are u?
Im fine, Ive been playing drums today for some hours and I have to admit that I really can use some more practising but its damn funny.. And i recived a letter from dear agent south Carin today..

Hi there and greetings from the US!

Mr. E-Type looks very busy with his new house and tours so he may not have time to answer fan email? However -- I ask 2 questions - and I think it's possible that other fans have these curiosities as well?

1) How tall is E-Type? In the US we know Swedes, Norwegians (all Scandinavia) are very tall but may have a wrong impression that in the most northerly countries the people are EXTREMELY tall and possibly descendants of the Norse god Thor and therefore might possibly be 7 feet tall (that's 213.36 centimeters) or taller?. Ok that last part is a joke (though there may be some truth there as to height?). But seriously how tall is E-Type?

Well Im 193.5 cm above ground and Im acctually sure that I somehow is related the Thor.. they say we sing and dance the same way.. good or bad..

2) What kind of set-up do you have for your home recording studio? I have heard Macintosh is very popular for computer-based DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), but I would love to know what the studio of a celebrity who produces a lot of the beginnings of his music from home (that is the perception anyways) looks like - physical compenents and all (and not just computer), and what your set-up is. Perhaps you can one day provide a photo on your blog so we can have a "peek" into your studio and see you hard at work producing your original Techno/Eurodance/Disco/Metal music? You are no doubt very busy setting up your basement studio - I can only imagine.

My little homestudio is a Mac 5, Logic Pro system with alot of different soft ware syntherzisers like albino 3, virtual guitarrists, among others,,

Your fan in the US (doing the Obama happy dance :-))

Sincerely yours,

-Kathi or Katherine

PS. Watch out for that basement moisture - My basement in fact flooded (actually twice) a while back due to very bad exterior drainage issues (now resolved tg). Oh - again your dog blog is very cute - I bet you get a lot of positive response from that!

haha dogblog!?.. yeah maybe I write too much about those 4 legged members of my family.. but I like it so .. but thank you very much for your letter dear Kathi. take care and see u one day.

hugs from E-type
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