A cold but quite beautiful saturday in sweden..
Hope you´re fine, I´m cool but little bacon after a great german dinner yesterday. My old friend Andreas that had a birthdaydinner dedicated the whole dinner and all the dishes to germany...?...no one knows why but it was amazing and amusing. Since the good people of germany doesnt even know about my music I almost never go there, wich I discovered yesterday, is a pity. What a great food. A big knuckle of boiled pork. Saurkraut. Knödel. Apfelstrudel with cream. Warsteiner beer. Apfelschnaps. Nurnberger sausages. You name it. Andreas is a amazing chief. allways something new. so we had a good evening wich offcourse ended in town on Sturekompagniet. So today have been slow so far but I´ve managed to mount and assemble my dear drums in to place in the rehearsing studio. Let there be sound...and now Sigge viking and vanda is relaxing on the couch.. Sigge is an old viking friend of mine and he use to help me watching the dogs in the weekends. He is a good guy. So for like the first time in 2 years its 17.33 a saturday evening and I don´t know at all what to do with this evening. A wondrous but nice feeling. Hope that u have the same feeling and that I see u here soon. Hugs from me.

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