Hi there..

The whiskers are pointing upwards..
The whiskers are pointing upwards..
I hope that you are fine..
Im okej, today Ive been working all day in the studio just cleaning up the computer from all little unfinished songs that didnt make it to the last album.. quite fun to listen to, havnt heard them in almost 2 years.. and the demo for true believer.. hehe.. Im glad my friend Max Martin is helping me with the production of the singles.. but the inspiration is low.. but it will be better.. today the sun was shining. . and Im bored with evilness of the world.. what is Israel doing, i dont get it.. so many thousands and thousands all over the globe where celebrating, toasting and hoping for a better 2009 just some weeks ago and everything is the same 2 weeks later.. hmm .. alot of champagne for nothing.. well..you hear my mood.. but as we say in sweden "Up with the whiskers, better times will come" hugs from me..hear ya soon

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