Hi there dear webreader...

Im back from a journey to hell ..and back again..
from the worst week in my modern history .as all people do when they loose someone close to them.. thank you once again for all your thoughts and welcome back to E-type.se..

Last Friday me and the crabsneakers once again got together and played at a private party in the most different of places to play... the famous knights house in the heart of stockholm..built 1650 .. and I must admit that I was a bit worried for the old house when we started the concert.. but it held the pressure and the volume. .and I must also admit that I really wasnt in the mood for a gig at first but when I met my dear band and the lovely family that wanted us to play it all changed.. and we had a great gig in that old, mythical house from the past.. we were supposed to play for like half an hour but I think we played 75 minutes.. damn good crowd ..so hugs to you all.. see you soon..

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