A wonderful, magic and fanciful chapter of my life has come to an end.

My strong, funny, most loyal and special dog and friend Jeddan has gone to sleep in my lap under calm and worthy circumstances this morning in a veterinary hospital in Stockholm.
No one knows where on Ireland he was born or how old he was, but the truth is that he was abused, beaten and held in a cage for a very long time during the years he spent there.

When Jeddan came to me one and a half year ago, there was only a small flame of life and joy in his old and wise eyes but as time went bye the longest of tails start to wag and very soon he became a dear and fully member of my family. Headstrong and with a huge desire for affection and tenderness. He proved, despite his previous hard life, to be the most fantastic dog and friend and became very popular among all he met. Soon to defend his little dogsister Vanda but also a good listener when I told him that most of his demons where still on the not so dogfriendly island of Ireland. And that they could never hurt him again.

Jeddan were one of the most misunderstood creatures I have ever met. And it took me a few hours to understand him. When he wanted me to continue to touch him lightly and with affection, he snapped after my hand, and when he chilled in the sofa he growled. But when he really enyojed life he made a sigh that loud and deep I was sometimes worried. Then I had the most warm and tender feeling that I was the one having the honor of feeding him with love, care and good food. The best thing I could have in return from him was that deep sigh of ease, security and well being.

But Jeddan was very old, much elder than I first thought when he came galloping into my house the very first time. The kidneys were in poor shape, the heart worn-out and he had alot of scars and bruises all over his body from the early days. Since he had some special kidney support food and continously saw the vet, it was easy to forget about his age since he got better and more lively. But over Christmas and new year the age and the pain caught up with him and these last weeks has been some of the hardest IŽve had. No miracle injections or drugs seemed to help and when he didnŽt eat properly or could walk the usual promenads the vetrinarian told me his journey on this earth was over. " We have done all we can and Jeddan is in pain".

So Jeddan, my lovely dog, I allready miss you it hurts. We only knew eachother for 10 dogyears but it feels like ten times that. I hope in my heart that you run like never before on the never ending heaths and plains in heaven and that you try to forget about the evil people you met on this earth. They are not worthy of your thoughts. You will stay with me and Vanda forever. We will never abandon you. But if Im not home one evening you will stay at Annas at Mimis dogcareŽs place where you like to be. She also loves you deeply. There you can drink as you use to from her candle light decoration where the water is fresh as allways. IŽll see you again, beautiful and wise dog. IŽll see you again!

Master Martin and Vanda. And Anna.

Ps. I take a time-out for a week or so ..so hugs to you dear webreader.. so long!

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