A crazy weekend...

Howdy there, hope ure fine...
Im great, a little bacon but Ill live... a wierd weekend.. yesterday me and the little motorcycle club Im in got together and celebrated christmas with a huge dinner at a medieval restaurant in Stockholm called the sixth barrel... and what a great place..and great food.. old recipes with strange herbs and tastes.. but really good and fresh food.. and some good live medieval music and performance with fire and jesters and carnys.. we sang, drank , played drums on the table and behaved like kids..no worse.. like animals.. but we had fun.. and one of the members owns an old horrorlike limousine from the states where we sang old hardrock kareoke songs while crusing around the city between the bars.. a truly great evening.. but I wasnt that cocky when a huge truck stopped outside my home early this morning with the rest of my furnitures.. ugh.. anyhow that was my saturday.. and christmas is here in just a few days and we have no snow whats so ever in stockholm so I have a hard time feeling the christmas. if u know what I mean.. but I can sure sense that I celebrated it yesterday.. more later. have a cozy sundayevening

hugs from

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