A swedish Hero!

Tonight we are going to celebrate Tobias Andersson and some other swedish heroes at TV3..
Hello all, hope ure fine.. Im good still no lättöl for me.. dustsucking the building.. or maybe vacumcleaning is the right word.. but now its time to shine the feathers..öh..putsa fjädrarna in swedish to go to the big event at circus where all the swedish heroes gather for a big awards thing.. Tobias, that I surprised at his work in the great country of norway, Oslo, where he works as a chief at a fancy restaurang, saved a whole family from a fire in their apartement some time ago.. so therefor he is nomined as one of the great heroes of sweden.. hmm. and norway? under these circumstances it might not be of big importance but he is also very much into my music...!...anyhow.. me and tourmanager Niklas, u know that short hair dude, are going to the dinner to celebrate them.. but I take the car.. boring me.. stay cool, handsome and fresh as u use to.. hugs from


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