Top of the morning to you!

how are u today?
Im great, last week of the rebuilding of my new home.. Niiiccee.. so finally I can move in to my new little house hopefully friday.. so this day I´ve spent at Ikea.. what a wonerful place..I came to buy some small things that I didnt find but I came home with the car just packed with stuff that I´m still not sure I need.. he is a smart man that Kamprad.. and I fell for it all the small "Värmeljus" warmcandle..hmm..u know the small candles in an aluminium case..and the rest of the stuff by the cashier that u really don´t need.. but I´m happy..and today I just wanna give some good credit to the norwegian newspaper I talked to them cuz of the cancelled gigs in Oslo and Bergen yesterday and the journalist acctually wrote what I said.. that usually don´t happen anymore in sweden.. they write what they want and change almost everything u say these it fits their allready written intervju.. so viva and u dear reader..hugs from me

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