This sux!!

No, Håkan in Nordman never sux..but cancelled gigs in norway do!
No, Håkan in Nordman never sux..but cancelled gigs in norway do!
Hi there dear reader...
This really sux, It feels terrible, Yesterday I waited all day for someone to call me and tell me when my plane leaves.. but NO.. no calls, no hotellbookings, no taxi, and no journey to the great country of Norway.. The only thing Ive got was a short text sms "we don´t have any money to pay u with"..oki, I have bills to pay too but I love my job too much not to go there, but if no hotelroom is booked and no airplane tickets are ordered I can´t leave even if i wanted to.. that sux.. hmm.. .. wellwell its not the end of the world but it sux hard since Ive fixed dogwatch and ...oki lets stop there.. But I don´t think that I will be able to see the great city of Bergen next week either.. GRRR

otherwise I had a great evening fridayevening. First me and Dennis at United stage and the legendary AnR guy Lövet had a small lättöl at my place then we went to the christmas show in Kista wich was okej..Nordman were great and after that we went to a strange and fun discoteque called 90´s on riddarholmen i Sthlm, where they had the lovley idea of dedicating the evening to E-type (thats me) and I was Dj for some hours.. damn funny..I played alot of Dr Alban and some nice eurodisko from the 90´s.. those ongs really brought some good memories... well thats all for today.. so take care and big hugs to everyone.. especially those who wanted to sing my songs with me in norway yesterday.. hugs and believe me..I´m truly sorry!!! If U are among those who are angry and dissapointed for yesterday´s julegalla in Oslo contact agent Carin at and we do something soon together..

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