Hello dear webreader!

Hope yar fine..
Iīm fine but a little bit sad that they have cancelled the christmas show tomorrow in Oslo.. and Im not sure why.. technical problems what Ive heard but .. who knows.. anyhow itīs sad cuz the show has been almost packed every night.. and I was invited for lunch to the sweet lady Wenche on saturday and now I will miss it cuz the flight leaves late for the show saturday.. hmm.. well well.. its been fun so far so I hope that they solve the problems for the last 2 shows.. otherwise everthing is the same for the last 2 months.. Im working on the house, driving the trailer with disposals and old doors and trash from construction site.. purchasing stuff that we miss.. and so on.. I admit it doesent sound very exciting but its nice to work with something more firm sometimes.. but I really look forward to unleash the studio and start to write some good disko.. yes I heard the new Basic Element song today and I really like it.. sounded fresh.. dont remember the name of the song but it was the best Ive heard from that group in a decade..

But last night was strange.. you know; 2 nights ago my biggest dog Jeddan went in to our bedroom, walked straight to his bed and pissed in it, then he jumped up to my bed and just refused to leave.. and the nice guy that I am I let him sleep there just this one night while I was washing up his bedsheets.. and yesterday I got him the spare guest bed wich is much bigger than his own thing on the floor..and everything seemed to work well..he was sleeping like a baby -----until I woke up to a monstrous roaring sound in my bedroom .. it was like taken from my new favourite tv serie True Blood.. in a nightmare or sumthing he had pushed the bed out from the wall and fell down between the wall and the bed and was lying up side down screaming his lungs out behind the bed.. poor him.. he is just the most bungly dog I have ever seen.. so today Iīve attached the bed to the wall so wild horses couldnīt move it.. so I really hope for calm and peaceful night tonight.. for both of us.. and for u dear reader.. hugs from humans and dogs

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