Hi there!

Bandleader Johan is shining up the dark winter..ops no thats the small picture
Bandleader Johan is shining up the dark winter..ops no thats the small picture
Hope that u are fine..
Im back home again after a highly trying travellday yesterday.. highly trying? more like extremly annoying day.. cancelled flight.. new gate.. new check in.. bla bla.. but home and safe after many hours of delay.. to discover that the wallpaper in the livingroom is up, accurately done and everything.. exept that it wasnt the wallpaper Ive ordered.. very simular but not the one Ive choosen..first I got slightly upset but after watching the terrible news of the world on the teve while eating dinner I come to think that worse thing have happened.. so now Im happy with the wallpaper.. the plan is to make the livingroom look like a club in New york where I once was some years ago.. and it works..maybe not as good as the other one.. well nutting much has happened in my life Im affraid to admit once again.. the shows were great in Oslo maybe the best so far.. they get more and more like they use to be when I play with my own band The Crabsneakers.. "the crabsneakers" is a name that our distinguished guitarrist Marcus once came up with after telling a story where he made the sound of a small crab taking off.. sidewise on a marbletable.. i think it was very late somewhere up in the swedish forests where our dear bandleader Johan lives.. after a few lättöl.. so thats about it this very rainy monday.. and yes I bought a norwegian domestic built designthing in a hot designstore on saturday.. I think its the first time acctually I bought something that I just saw on teve..it was too expensive but since it was a bit broken on one of the horns I got it very cheap.. and for a fixer like myself it wont be any problemos getting that moose to shine like the king of the forest he is.. after bandleader Johan that is.. its in natural size so its quite impressive.. maybe somethinf to have on stage next summer? hugs from me
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