Howdy my friend!

I hope you´re good, I appologise for not being around for a few days..
But Im great, you know the usual stuff.. norway in the weekends and just working my ass off to fix my new home until christmas..or whenever its done.. and the last hotel outside trondheim this last weekend didnt have internet so it was kinda hard for me to be heard on my little homepage.. but now Im here..last show was oki but im really looking forward to play on Oslo this coming weekend.. both friday and saturday.. Oslo is such a great town.. and when we play 2 nights in a row all the guys and girls working behind the show can participate for a few lättöl after work on the friday cuz they don´t have to pack and load all the equipment after gig.. so this friday will be fun.. damn my english is worse than ever today.. hmm.. I should be writing here everyday.. I went in to a interior design store the other day, wich is own by a guy quite famous from a decoration teve show in sweden called Simon and peter.. i think.. and this guy simon is english and I asked him if I should speak english or swedish with him.. and he answered that I probably could use some training in my english so he prefered english.. I wonder how he knew that my english suck? well a great store it was, W8 on odengatan, but darn expensive.. but I could almost afford a pair of european roe deer horns in chrome.. very cool i think.. so there it is..wekends in norway, week days building house, the world finance is going down to the very center of the planet earth and michael jackson ows a sheik money and the girl that I acctually bet some dollars on that she would win the swedish Idol just went out with the dishwater...sorry again for not attending my own site for a few days.. hear u tomorrow...hugs from me..

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