Hi there!

Congratulations Stig Vig.. allways young ! ! !
Congratulations Stig Vig.. allways young ! ! !
Hope that u are fine..
Yes it looks like Ive peed my pants.. but I havntI´m good but it was a late night yesterday.. hmm..again.. One of my very few Idols The legendary Stig Vig from one of the best swedish reggae bands Dag Vag had a big birthdayparty yesterday.. he got..eh..older.. like the rest of us.. but what an honor to be personally invited by him and to be at the big party at the also legendary old punk place café 44 in the south of stockholm.. what a place! Wonderful mixture of people.. and some of the last true left wing hippies in the town i believe.. many of the guests didnt knew that I knew the celebrant so they wondered what I was doing there but when Stig Vig asked me to come up on stage and sing a song with them.. i think everybody understood,, I sang one of their biggest hit Tjockhult and almost remembered the lyrics..at least as good as my own songs.. hehe.. Huge honor.. and a great memory to acctually have been singing with the group..Im still happy as a child.. its crazy that music still can be such an experience and thrill.. Im glad my father didnt succed with his plans for me to become an architect.. when it comes to music Im still a small boy.. hmm. but old small boy..and this is a great week cuz tonight its time for the monthly dinner with 2 of my dearest friends Tommy from Monaco and the best painterartist we have in sweden Ernst.. also great guys to party with.. but I have to save some powder until the gig in Trondheim on
saturday.. well thats my life in a nutshell.. hope that u are fine..hear ya soon.. hugs from me


And todays music tip; "One spring morning" with Akron/Family from the greatest piratesongs hit disc Rogue´s Gallery
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