Two grand events...

Obama became president and i took up the boat..
..from the almost freezing water with the dear mr fix Claes..a good friend out on the island.. how are u? Im fine and a little cold after a full day out in my beloved archipelago.. great weather, sunshine and just a few degrees over zero.. not a living soul out there ..almost.. but the small boat has been a bad conscience the last weeks because of the cold weather.. its not good if the engine freezes.. anyhow a splendid day..since the batteries where out i had to paddle the whole bay so I can probably not use my arms tomorrow.. but tomorrow is another day..
and congrats to Obama.. Im not that well orientated..?.. in the american politics but it seemed to me that McCain were going down the same road as bush and i think we had it with that kind so ..Obama is probably the best option.. I was impressed with his speach, if the prompters hasnt developed extremly the last year he must have learned the whole speach by brain.. and only that isnŽt anything the Bush would have done.. or could.. so maybe he is a smart president? As long as the rest of the world is suffering from the American false steps the world need a smart american president.. weŽll see.. what is this? are we talking politics on the e-type web site.. NO .. I just stopped.. damn the time flies when im off the tour.. hmm.. in 2 days im on a plane to Norway again.. but its fun over there so its oki.. hope ure fine and I see u soon?
Maybe in the great country of Norway???

Yes and I forgot to tell u that I took a ride in Claes Tractor today.. damn thats funny.. havnt done that since I was a kid.. a couple of years back ;-)

hugs from
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