Hello from Karelen...

niklas found a short cut to his room above?
niklas found a short cut to his room above?
Close to Russia in a small town called Joensuu..
Hi all, yesterday we had a fabulous little gig in a club in Joensuu.. far away from sweden but close to russia.. alot of friendly people that really knew the lyrics to almost all the songs we performed.. a nice little town.. I just came back from a walk and I found some nice hangers to the hall in the new house so im happy.. now itīs movietime and a short sleep before the journey to the next little town called PARIKKALA where we play tonight.. as u can see not even our dear chorus singing girls wanted to party with me and niklas yesterday.. but we had a good time playing music until the roof came down and the sun came up.. and found one of the best songs ever written on the net.. Nightboat to Cairo with Madness, check that one out..
hugs from a cold karelen..
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