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Hi dear webreader..
After a pretty long day in the car me, manager Niklas and my dear bassplayer Johan just came back to the capital of Sweden.. Johan had a gig with some Elvis tributeband yesterday and showed up at the club Deep where me and Mikkey Dee were Dj´s yesterday.. alot of fun yesterday.. a nice evening and dinner and a lättöl in mikkeys outdoor yacuzzi and then full force on the dance floor.. since Im moving all my stuff these days I just couldnt find my own records wich was a pity.. i had to try to find the hits in a collection of songs I have never seen.. and thats not easy when its a hurry.. but we had great fun and I saw that people had fun too.. so next time I bring my own partymusic.. but thx Deep for yesterday.. ...

But I have to be little serious now for a moment..dont wanna sound whiny but there is an awful trend among the kids these days, not just in Gothenburg, its the same everywhere.. people are using their fricking mobile cameras trying to get as nasty films as they can to put out on the net.. yesterday we had 2 different guys trying to make me and mikkey angry or upset while their friends film it all a few steps away.. how cool is that? such a loserstyle.. it just make people like me and other guys known from tv or whatever more reserved and nervous among people on the street.. I really don´t mean that anyone should feel sorry for famous people cuz most part of them have chosed it themselfs but the trend suck hard in my film a person that don´t know that he or her is being filmed or don´t want to be is so uncool that it has to be written here.. on the most important homepage in modern time.. probably.. I was damn close to flip out but since we had such a great evening I didn´t loose my good mood..

anyhow.. nice to be home but Gothenburg is a wonderful city, thx for yesterday

and I´m sorry if I sound oldfashioned and fretful..

Hugs from E-type

Tomorrow its time to go to the great country of Finland for 2 days gig.. friday JOENSUU and saturday PARIKKALA.. see u there ! ! !
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