Hi all!

I knew I shouldnt have quit playing drums...
I knew I shouldnt have quit playing drums...
I sincerely..
apologize for being off the net for a while.. been working my ass off fixing with the new house.. Im so impetuous to get the new studio in order so I can start pumping some serious disko in the basment.. I wonder if my neighbours are impetuous? Probably not.. well , Im fine, the dogs are fine and Im doing my own kinda homestyling that will go to the history.. maybe..

Anyhow today me and Niklas my manager and friend went down to the great city of Gothenburg to visit my dear friend Mikey Dee (motörheaddrummer) and his sweet family.. Allways nice to come down to his home, we all get to be like small boys, showing new toys and listening to great old heavy metal..as u know by now my heart is parted three ways.. disco, metal and reggae.. so in a minute we all will get in to his outdoor pool.. wich is strange in a country with 5 degrees C..but it´s like a tradition so.. tonight me and mikkey are Dj´s at a big club in gothenburg called Deep.. nice place.. maybe a little strange in the middle of the week but gothenburg is continental..they have like a friday the whole week.. great city.. so hear ya soon and Im sorry for being busy.. wont happen again.. skål

and hugs from E-type

See u at Deep..we start to play around 2300
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