Halloj Martin!

My name is Mia and my dog Indy .
I am 39 years old and Indy is 6 years old. We lives in the north of sweden it calles Happy Hudik.
We are a big fan of you!!!! as you can see. I have a hard time too get Indy to sit nice. He usually sittes nice every evening in front of me, when i looking on tv.
And wan´t me to se HIM. But this time when we was taking a nice foto he refuse to sit nice. So i helpt him.
So i was hoping to get a sign t-shirt from you:) !!!!????
The t-shirt Indy was wearing , was very hard to get nice! Mutch of dog hair!!!
And i have a question for you:
How is a perfect day for you when you just have a day of?
Take care !
Hugs Mia and Indy :)
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