Friday evening..

How about a date with this guy in a dark alley?
How about a date with this guy in a dark alley?
..and I´m chillin..
My friend Björn is here watching some science fiction crap on tv with the dogs and Im cruising the net and stumble over some rare old pics.. damn.. those were the days..the pic from above is from skansen in the cover of Here I go again.. well today has been journey all over Stockholm trying to find some cool wallpapers.. the walls in the new house is just plain white.. too boring.. and since I concider my self an artist its against my probably better knowing not to bring in some home styling guy or girl.."I can" is my motto.. Im not sure of the result but its very funny to think out of the box.. go for the eccentric in all choices.. I think that old wlad "Dracul" tepes would have felt comfortable in my new kitchen.. hehe.. pictures will soon be displayed here..hope by the way that uré doing sumthing fun tonight..this is my last free weekend until christmas so i should probably be jumping up and down in some club tonite but it feels great just to chill.. but on the other hand its just 22.34.. hmm.. and small picture is me and the splendid guitarrist and dear friend of mine Pontus Norgren that use to play in Poodles but recently went over to Hammerfall ..

a great band by the way.. Pontus is a little genius.. he recorded and produced some of the song we did in heavy metal format like africa and russian lullaby some years ago .. damn good.. with mikkey dee from motörhead on drums.. On the next albums wich by the way will be a greatest hits with some new tunes and some old.. and some unreleased I will put on those versions.. and I found this old and since long dead but sentimental web page that kind soul Magnus carlsson has put together that have some cool old pictures..and like 40 homepages I didnt know existed..and they dont ..exept the great NL site.. wow.. I better surf some more..

well thats my night far.. Now Im gonna see if those pages still exist.. Have I told u lately that I love to see u here on my little homepage.. and for the new readers; Yes I know my English is terrible but I put great hope for a tour in the great country of England soon and there I will improve my language.. maybe.. or just my lättöls drinking.

Kisses & stay hard

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