Is it trolls? No its just Mikkey Dee in Motörhead and me
Is it trolls? No its just Mikkey Dee in Motörhead and me
Hope u´re fine this rainy, grey baconday!
Bacon? well that´s a typically Mikkey Dee in Motörhead expression when u have been out littlle too late the night before.. I had a relaxed evening in the sofa watching "Farmer´s looking for a wife" on the when Mikkey called and almost demanded me to come in to town and have a lättöl with him..and as the good friend I am I couldnt just let him sit there in the bar at Berns by himself.. damn nice evening just catching up old memories and chillin..he lives in Gothenburg so its kinda rare that we both have a free night together.. we went all around the town, Riche, and at the rockclub Anchor a girl came up to me and asked me to draw a self portrait on her back with a pen, the day after (read today) she was going to tatoo it...! cool is that? I dont know if she has done it but the idea was strange and funny.. just the way I like it.. a great night that we ended at Solidaritet.. havnt been there for years.. a cool place that reminds me of summer somehow.. that feels good in this weather.. But SpyBar is a shame for sweden.. some years ago they were loosing their permission to close at 0500 and i helped them alot to keep that, doing intervjus and talking to my friends at the cityhall (yeah i now, i could have done sumthing more of a use with my time but it felt usefull then..) and; yesterday me and my guest, this icon of hardrock.. the most famous rock drummer we have in sweden were not welcome there..some people have short memories..guess Motorhead wont have their party there after the show in Stockholm in December as they have planned..hehe fools.. but what a great evening.. but I wasnt that cocky when the carpenter knocked at my door 0800 this morning.. brr
But Mikkey is a splendid person, allways happy, full of jokes and new expressions.. thx 4 yesterday and hear ya all soon..

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