I just knew that Takidas Tatoo´s was´nt real..
I just knew that Takidas Tatoo´s was´nt real..
Hope that u are fine this sunny morning..
Well.. I´m moving all my stuff to the new house.. so there aint nutting new to tell...exept that i wish i had more time to visit the gym.. the my dear grandma´s grand piano is a heavy thing.. yeah her name was Elsa and she was a wonderful person and a pianoteacher in luleċ, on Gulzaudden.. she had hair down to the floor.. and then i mean down to the floor.. and even if i dont have space for that big piano its something i just cant and wont sell or give away.. it will stay with me forever.. i made my first songs on that big black thing..
the dogs finally starts to accept the fact that they live in the new house now and continues to chew their way thrue the toys and are defending the house from all kinds of threats.. like the mailman, the moving guys, my visiting friends..
these weeks off is really good.. but soon its time to to go to the beautiful country of Finland again.. JOENSUU, FINLAND 24 oct and PARIKKALA, FINLAND 25 oct.. that will be nice .. allways nice and big party to go to Suomi..
and i found the first sign that im acctually getting older and more mature..or less fun? I use to love the Indiana Jones pictures but yesterday I couldnt even see the new one to the end.. it was like a cartoon for babys.. that was sad.. Hate the growing up thing.. on the other hand I will pic up the drumming next week for real and really start to practice 5 days a week.. I will definite get back to were I was many years ago and better to next summer.. thats a goal.. not very mature..but fun.. well hear ya soon and take care..

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