Is that really a pair of swimming trousers im wearing at the golf course? -Yepp!
Is that really a pair of swimming trousers im wearing at the golf course? -Yepp!
We are again...
And speaking of cod; the last day in monaco i went with my friend Tommy to the golf course in Cannes .. i played once in arizona when i was very young and havnt hold those golf racket since.. or whatever the name is.. but in Cannes we where out playing with a nice guy that was some kinda director at a icelandic bank, and he had a really tough week but he was happy and knew the lyrics to Campione.. that was impressive.. i played rather good to be an amateur.. only lost about 10 balls.. hmm.. and speaking of lättöl, after the game we had a most tasty lättöl at the club restaurant.. and for those of you that are over 25 years of age and read this in company with your parents, i can really recomend this strange but fresh wise-bier HoeGaarden or how ever u spell it...and.. yes, the cod.. in the evening that last night in monaco we all went to a wonderful restaurant called Avenue 31 and i had the best cod i have ever been eating .. it was grilled on a ironplate and had been laying for hours before that in some honey tasting marinade.. darn tasty...but since the poor fish is close to extermination, don´t do as I and eat it too often.. But I would call that a good dinner... and a great ending to some great days abroad..So if ure in Monaco don´t miss The Sass, Jimmies, avenue 31 or the legendary amercian bar... thax again Tommy, Åsa and little Elton.. well soon its fotball on the swedish tv and hopefully zlatan will show us his magic tricks.. Hugs from me so long

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