Like a counterweight

Whats wrong with a white blender? well itīs broken..
Whats wrong with a white blender? well itīs broken..
to the never ending monacoreport
we have to have some swedish relism not to go insane and acctually one morning start to belive that Monaco is part of the real world... Yesterday me and my MC-brother Pata switched blender in like a nafs and then we went to the local motorcycle store to drool over the new 2008 collection of Hdīs.. in the financial meltdown these days there are but 2 ways to go... one is to get paralysed and the other is to imitate the fine animal the Ostrich and put the head in the sand. . . or the local mc-store.. its really good to have some days off.. Next week im starting to build my new little studio in witch I cincerly hope some new good tunes are hiding.. that was a strange english wasnt it? And speaking about england and Ostriches.. My song True Believer is released in England and for now it looksvery good.. 40.000 downloads on Utube.. crazy thought if me and the Crabsneakers are invited to the great country of England to struggle with the leatherboones on stage.. and what about Ostriches; Iīll tell u, one of the greatest reggae-band on earth is swedish and their name is Calcutta Transfers and their band-cymbol is an Ostrich!

Soon ill be back to show u that itīs not true that hard men donīt play golf..

Kisses from E-type
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