Boatsman Tommy

in the harbour just outside my hotel..
And small picture of tommy and the generous and very nice Simon that took us on a boatcruise this beautiful and warm day.. after that we all went to a Indian restaurant up in the hill just outside monaco.. its so strange cuz on one side of the street its france and on the other its monaco... u cross the street and suddenly ur in another country.. but i havnt been in a indian restaurant since i was playing warmupact be4 Dr Alban in england 10 years ago.. interesting with mint to the chicken but i think i will wait for another 10 years be4 i go there again.. fairly late nite again at the Sass and back to bed..

more of this journey up soon but now I have to fix a totally torned waterblender in my kitchen..
not that glamourus hehe but my real world

hear ya soon

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