Tommy and me on the way from Nice to Monte Carlo..
Tommy and me on the way from Nice to Monte Carlo..
Im sooo sorry that i havnt been here for a couple of days but..
its not my fault.. Monaco is a crazy, beautiful, strange and surrealistic world.. but it was darn impossible to get access to the local internet at the hotel.. now im sitting at the airport of nice and finally the net is working.. just had a beautiful little trip with a helicopter from monaco to nice airport... so im on my way home... some great days, great dinners and very fun time.. what i did? well we start saturday, i came down after a very long day about 20.00 to monaco.. we landed in amsterdam on the way down and i had almost 4 hours to kill on the airport.. but my dear friend tommy picked me up at the airport and took me to my hotel for a quick fresh up and then we had some genuine swedish dinner at their balkony just over the ocean .. spaggetti boulognise in a swedish way.. with some old friends, like the legendary fotballplayer Martin Dahlin. .yeah some namedropping here but since its my own webpage i don´t mind.. do u? and after that we went to a cosy bar called Sass famous for their celebraties.. they told me that brad pitt was there but i didnt see him.. well wasnt looking either.. me and tommy and martin was busy drinking lättöl and catching up old memories.. after that we all went to Jimmies wich is also a legendary place in the little kingdom of monaco.. but after this strange week of mine, a late and great gig in uppsala the day be4 i was pretty tired by 0600 in the morning and went to my room for along sleep.. tell u an´bout day 2 soon cuz now i have to catch my flight to the rainy, dark and my favourit place in the world; Sweden.. hear ya soon kisses from Nice
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