What da hell!

Our new great member Sabina, Tessan Dereborn and little me..
Our new great member Sabina, Tessan Dereborn and little me..
How are u today?
Im. great.. acctually greater than ever... 3 days ago i did my yearly physician examination just to see that im healthy.. and guess what.. the ECG told me and the doctor that i have a major heart failure.. he wanted to send me acute to the hospital .. and since tuesday ive been waiting to do a more detailed examination.. and this morning i had a new ECG at another hospital and there they discovered that the guys at the first place had put the electric things on my body upside down..so the picture of the heartsbeats came out in like a mirror....smart? Nope.offcourse i was looking sick... SO nutting is wrong at all and im healthy as a child.. isnt that a strange story.. emagine how ive been feeling for the last couple of days..
so today ive actually switched the lättöl to some serious Champagne to celebrate LIFE and soon me and the Crab sneakers will perform a big show in Uppsala north of Stockholm at a place called Flustret.. in 2 hours and 5 minutes to be exact.. and this is a historic event cuz this is the first time that im playing my music at the same place as my father did with his group many years ago.. he had a jazz band called Bo G Erikson Band and since he was born in Uppsala and studied here, he use to play here.. isnt that a cool story!?

Well this week surley give some perspective to things for me... maybe that´s a good thing?

Hugs from the bottom of my healthy heart... and see u at Flustret soon...


The band is in good shape by the way, they are rehearsing in my room just now.. new sabina sounds great..
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