hello in the rain..

just me cutting up some guitarrs with the chainsaw
just me cutting up some guitarrs with the chainsaw
damn its boring weather today.. hope youre good..
im longing to get in in the new house so i can start to build and work the new studio.. otherwise im chillin..

But some years ago Kizz was in town for some conserts .. and one of the evenings i was supposed to meet my friends at the old and great place Sophie´s Bar...it was a hot summer evening and i was late as usual and by the time i came to the place it was crowded.. a huge queue outside .. but the big window towards the street was opened.. so i waited until the guards looked away and then i jumped thrue the opened window and landed in a big sofa, grabbed a lättöl on the table to look like ive been sitting there all evening and.. this voice asked me if i would like a beer of my own.. that voice was Paul Stanely.. fortunately enough he were sitting with some of my old friends so even the body guards laughed..a happy story.. Paul is still a friend when we see eachother.. One time i brought my dear friend and producer Max Martin to a dinner with Paul and some other friends and it was in the begining of his caréer and he didnt say a word during the dinner.. hehe.. but today i think he met artists enough.. i miss Max martin by the way.. its too damn rarely that we meet.. those are the times.. well well some olden golden stories from tha past..

and if u dont really have to see tarantinos new Hellride.. don´t !

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