Just woke up at a beautiful but mould smelling hotel room in Vadstena..
It feel strange to wake up with a little headache from some lättöls on a monday morning.. like a real rockstar? Yeasterday the little car and the excellent driver Jocke Mangs that i sponsor won the whole thing this year! I have never done anything like this and my team Xlander Racing won.. would never have thought that.. so yesterday me and Niklas went down to Mantorp the big racing track to see the last race for this year and after ther was a big party at the old and magnificent castle/monastery wher we also live.. nice but i woke up too early cuz some people had locked them selfs out so the janitor had to drill the lock.. and offcourse it was the door next to mine.. hmm..zzz...but what a buffet.. darn.. lobsters in hundreds.. and a very ecxiting day at the racing track.. a nice day but now its time to get back to Stockholm.. but i met the legendary and extremely nice female driver and mapreader Tina Thörner.. she´s a super pro that just have won everything for like 20 years.. what a nice woman.. also totally crazy with her 2 dogs.. we had a lot o talk about.. but see you soon.. yeah i promised to tell u a story about Kizz.. and i will.. but not now..


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