hey U Dear Webreader...

im acctually sitting on a moving box writing this..
today is the big day.. well not the very big day but today i leave my home since 4 years.. and by the 15 oktober i will move in to the new home.. i write this in a big hurrry while the guys from the moving firm Bud wheels are gone .. but im very excited i think nīthe new home will be perfect to be more creative ... more space=more music? hope so... well thats all there is to my life for the moment.. and no its not my old or new home in the background.. just a storage until i finally move in to the new home..

But now we have to go some years back...

I was invited to a dinner with Prince.. not just me, about 400 people were invited to celebrate a new record or sumthing.. no a concert i think.. well anyhow.. finally seated we were all full of expectation.. and waiting for the big artist.. but behind my back there was this ectremly noisy and brusque foregin guy that was constantly kiking my chair.. so after a while i turned around and asked him to calme the **** down before i had him thrown out by the guards.. then I saw a small guy with very painted eyes on the other side of his table start to laugh... guess who that was? But Prince were supercool and told the noisy guy that evidently were his bodyguard to cool down and apologized.. im not that of a princemusic fan but im a great fan of the person prince.. he was enormously big as an artist those days.. but small enough not to be seen when he sat down at the table..
but the Dj at the place.. old Alexandra was the name of the club.. he kept playing only Prince songs until the short artist enraged went up to the Dj both and told him to play something else while he were eating.. that is cool..

Svenne and Prince = cool guys

last letter from this my old home.. buhu..

kisses from me.. and next time ill tell u a fun story about Kizz

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