How are u today?
An old but really cool legend.. At the party at Tyrol last week i met the friendly and legendary guy from Svenne and Lotta.. yeah i know.. like 100 years ago.. but they where huge in sweden at the time.. bigger than Abba.. and and Svenne was acctually in a band with Benny from Abba.. well.. after a couple of lättöls me and a friend started to sing that bands, the name was Hep Stars, biggest hit Cadillac to Svenne.. not very intelligent done but at the time it seemed to be a good song to sing... I mean if a colleague had done that infront of me with a lättöl in the hand singing one of my biggest hits, i would probably just walk away embarassed, BUT Svenne didnt! He just made a toast to us and change the subject... That is Cool!
Next time i will tell u about "The artist formely known as Prince but everybody still call him Prince" whom i met some years ago on a dinner.. he was also cool..

but for now; u can look at the rest of the photos from last competition on this länk;


And don´t forget that Christoffer still has a GRYM homesite about my music..

Hugs in the sunshine from me

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