E-type listener of the week!

Lena from Ukraine!
Hi, Martin.
I live in Ukraine and we have so little information about you, so i decide to write a book about you (E-TYPE).
I want do it in this year (i hope i can).
Now i have not to much pages in this project and when i will finished it i want that you are read it and write me what do you think about it.
Maybe if it will be interesting for you - you will help me to do this project better.
Please, write me your answer.

Best regards,

Hi sweet Lena, are u sure there is little info about me and my music? But you have nice ambitions. . and if u donīt manage to write a book about my humble person i will write a autobiography sooner or later.. many hugs.. and u are the first winner of a T-shirt.. but its not printed yet so please wait a while... but your sweater is probably more beautiful than the T-shirt...

kisses from me

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