I usually donīt pray alot..

but some weeks ago I spontaniously burst out in a pray..
..that those spineless cowards from outer hell that physically abused and assaulted a kangroo in Australia got punished and got treated exactly the same way.. today i read that there is an reward now set to catch these idiots.. thats great.. but isnt it strange that its so much injustice and violence in the world that news about hurt people just bounce.. like when u hear to much the ears just shut down.. well im probably a case for some schrink.. but this is what i think about when i eat my late breakfast a tuesday like today.. otherwise i hope that ur fine and that u have a great day.. i will keep on struggling with my moving boxes today.. damn its time for me to throw some stuff away..ive kept my old boyroom sofa in a storage that probably have costed me more over the years than 3 new ones.. have a splendid day and lets hope that the morons get caught today.. maybe with some help from above?

kisses from E-type
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