Sunday Bloody Sunday!

Yesterday i was invited to a hunt for small pheasants..
My old friends Gustaf and Anders at the best hunting store in Sthlm called Hunt Sthlm invited me as a member in hunting party but also as an instructor for the claypigeon and anders use to go all round sweden to participate in claypigeon competitions for many years.. but since ive got my two dogs i stopped hunting, donīt really know why but so i did. So ive turned them down each time they asked me to go with them on a hunt.. but im still a big fan of the claypigeon shooting enormously fun.. but yesterday they had this hunt on a most beautiful farm where i have been before and this time i just couldnt resist.. great weather, huge lunch in a big barn with a fireplace.. extremly male inviroment.. but nice.. well.. the ethics around these kind of events can be discussed.. the birds are free living on the fields compared to 99 precent of the meat we eat from the store so my conscience allow me to participate once every 3ed years or so.. and its extremly healthy and good food.. but what is the different between my dear parrot Nina and those innocent partridges? well, i donīt eat parrots..

anyhow a very exciting day and so nice to see the proffesional dogs and their keepers work the fields up and down.. a great day but a winning day in a big claypigeon shooting competition is still better..

but today its monday and reality is hitting me with a house and studio move and lot of meetings.. and an exciting week for the crazy carrera cup motorevent.. last week of competitions this year.. will our driver Jocke Mangs win the whole schabang? hmm.. hopefully.. for me its a journey to the lokal toolshop now to buy a lot of moving boxes.. fun? ...hrrmm

hugs from me

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