For some showstopping news on this site today...stop reading now.. nothing new has happened..
But ive had a good day, Vanda has got her ..syringe? you know, shoot in the arm with vaccine against a lot of dog-child-deseases.. she hates the poor nurse and almost bite her.. very embarrassing.. and then ive watched swedish Idol, i really like the new judges, they know music, Andreas Carlsson..the guy to the right in the tv ;-) is a good old friend and have written some lyrics to my songs.. yes, check yar records for his name.. we will probably work more together in the future.. a great guy, Anders and Laila i donīt know that well but they seem to be really nice people.. Laila is hot and Anders Bagge reminds me a bit of dear Dennis PoP.. i donīt know what it is but its something with his moves and humour. . and they knew eachother well.. and he is a dog-person as well , that can never be wrong..well, as u can see nutting much is happening to the old "typen" when i start to write about Idol.. but if i played tennis, big picture shows what my backhand probably would look like.. small picture is my old and really good friend Mud.. u know that ive been writing lyrics with for ages, met him in norway and we decided that we will write lyrics on the next record..heīs working like some kind of monster lawyer in england somewhere.. and lives there with his wife and 2 kids.. just so u know .. now You know more than anyone else.....tooodilooo

hugs from E-type
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