Yohooo Oslo

Adde, ingela and lasse
Adde, ingela and lasse
Just landed in Norway and..
Checked in at the hotel... a nice hotel midtown.. im sitting with my dear and old friends from the childhood, lasse the carpenter, my fake brother and old bass player Adde quornerstoone and his wife Ingela .. no they are not married and for that we tease them cuz we all wanna go to their wedding.. now were having a little lättöl and a famous Smörrebröd..eh.. like bread and butter with a smoked salmon very nice... yes why lättöl in the middle of the day?

I have found and bought a new home.. a fantastic house with room for my new studio.. HEUREKA.. 15 th of oktober i move in and start to write new music.. im very happy..

kisse from Oslo in the great country of Norway

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