A letter from little

Special agent south Carin;
Hi Martin !!!

I find this picture today from the summer of 2007 at Strand Hotell on Öland.
I think this is the very first picture I smile that much on together with you.
I donīt remember why I smile that much but I remember I get some smoke in my eyes.
Maybe you say something funny or was it Bettan as took the picture.

Anyhow.....I wanna thank all the nice and kind people as write all the mails to e-type@live.se
Thankīs to all the nice people as support me for what I do.
It mean a lot to me.
I have got so many new and nice friends from all over the world thankīs to Martin E-type.
So keep on writing and donīt forget to send some nice photos as well as Martin can put on his homepage.
And donīt forget the picture on your self as well.

And at last thank you Martin for your kindness, your music and your adrenalin you give when you are on stage.
Donīt ever stop doing the good music as you do.

And one question.......What does So Dem A Com mean ????

Lots of hugs and kisses from
Carin "The E-type special agent south"
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