No thanx..wrong kind..I rather eat the ones in the pan..
No thanx..wrong kind..I rather eat the ones in the pan..
Good afternoon...
..Just came back from a refreshing long walk in the darkest woods outside stockholm.. since i got my first little dog vanda(sheīs terrified of any kind of bang; crack; slams) i donīt hunt anymore..or hunt animals that is.. these days I only hunt for fungus..!..eatable fungus with a special liking for chanterelles.. maybe im abit strange or sumthing but when i come across a new untouched field of yellow chanterelles i feel like.. sumthing between Rambo and some ancient people just living of the forests.. and today the lucky hunter found some. .well with some help.. just roasted in a pan with a lot of butter and salt on a sandwich.. darn! Yes, i took the photos myself 2 hours ago.. and i donīt eat the red one but i liked the colors of it..

..but with clarification i really meant that the new competition will ;
1. first of all go on forever..
2. you send a funny, sad, happy, crazy or artistic photo or picture to Carin at
and if i publish it here, and u hav a picture of yar self with it and yar adress..
3. then u win a speacial E-type T-shirt
4. but my T-shirt maker is one of swedens hardest hardrocker in a band called Unleashed and they are almost allways on tour can take some time to get the prizes..just so everybody knows..
5 so its not a competition in that way ..more like a good picture will be rewarded with a nice t-shirt
6. dont forget to tell yar size...Small, Medium, or Large
7. and most important..the picture or photo has to have sumthing to do with the artist E-type...yes thats me!

BUT.. take it easy, you have the rest of your and my life to find or take or create that picture..or photo or whatever...

Its not that i have to many unused t-shirts im my closet...its more like it would be nice to receive some good pictures from around the world...

This is too long.. i get back to my cooking..

tjohoo and hugs from

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