Back in business...
Back in business...
- what a day!
what we in sweden call when a small thing causes a big hallaballooo; a storm in a waterglass.. however .. Max hamburger or the advertisingfirm that made the commercial film took it back today and will put on a more traditional voiceover ... very good, now i will eat Max hamburgers again.. grumpy sulky E-type is happy.. or the small man against the big company..or however u see it.. and i learned the hard way not to say what i think, it doesnt allways come out good in printed word...but game over hopefully.. and if so; u will never ever hear me talk about this nomore..

Back to the music and life..

Yesterday me and my big idol Roger Pontare did a big and funny tv-show called Så skall det låta.. eh.. thats what it hould sound like. hmm in english.. very funny show where i had to sing alot.. brr.. but it was great and Roger is a huge singer so he saved our team.. but it was a day to remember, 8 hours in a studio.. zzz..but since it was my first time in the show everybody were very nice and caring and supported little nervous me.. but now its time to sleep, tomorrow morning quite early i have some live radio interviews about todays events.. and then i have to pick up my dinnerjacket from the cleaning for another wedding this weekend.. in the great country of Norway this time..Thats gonna be fun, I allways have a great time in Norway so i look forward to it..

sleep tight or good morning and hugs from me

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